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AVA Operator Summit 2017

This year’s Operator Summit proved to be a great success with even more operators attending than we originally planned for! We saw 12 speakers discuss topic specifically aimed at our operator members and the feedback we have received has highlighted that it was a worthwhile event.  Below is the full line up with links to the presentations that we have permission to share


13.30 – 13.35:        Introduction and Welcome

Graham Kingaby


13.35 – 13.55:        Opportunities and Threats to the Vending Channel

Martin Colston – Opportunities and threats to the vending channel (Colston Consultants)


13.55 – 14.15:        Overview of the Water Industry

Matthew Lee (EDWCA)


14.15 – 15.00:        Optimising your Business with a Technology Road Map

Daphne Stopforth (Lucozade Ribena Suntory)

Mark Kassapian – Optimising your business with a technology road map (Fulfill Vending)

Elyas Coutts – The digital revolution (Connect Vending)


15.15 – 16.05:        The Generation Change in a Vending Business

Stuart Coutts (Connect Vending)

Paul Townson & Adam Whistance – An introduction to succession strategy (BDO)

Alistair Balmforth – A family business in the vending industry (Refreshment Systems)


16.05 – 16.30:        The Healthy Vending Challenge

Tim Varney (Revive Vending)

Tracey Graham (Abercromby Vending)


16.30 – 16.55:        Futurist – What Will the World of Vending Look Like in 20 Years’ Time?

Fouad Semlali – The Future of Vending Machines


16.55 – 17.00:        Wrap Up

Graham Kingaby