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Innovation Space

Innovation Space


The Innovation Space is a brand new zone that will showcase the very latest technologies that vending has to offer.

With cashless and mobile phone payments’ experiencing a real growth in popularity in UK vending, it will be exciting to see what future developments companies like Jofemar and Astrosystems will have to offer in this pioneering new zone.

It is imperative that vending stays at the forefront of technological advancements in order to survive in an ever evolving digital world, at AVEX 2017 be the first to experience the future of vending in this exciting new zone.


Cost effective exhibiting


The uniquely separate area will be easily identifiable by its industrial, sleek and modern setting and will feature a cost effective stand option making it a worthwhile option for exhibitors.

Want to exhibit? Call our sales team today and you can enjoy all the benefits of exhibiting, giving you unrivalled access to the right people for your products.

AVEX is the ideal spot to network with key decision makers from all sectors related to vending, so make sure you register to attend today!