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Vimto (Out of Home) Ltd (108)

Vimto Out of Home is a leading provider of soft drinks solutions. Our business offers a unique and refreshing range of post-mix, frozen and packaged soft drinks products with outstanding customer and trade support. Our post-mix range consists of some of the world’s biggest brands from Coca Cola to Irn Bru and Vimto and the best-selling French wine (JP Chenet), as well as our own label range of post-mix soft drinks, fruit juices and mixers. We also provide a diverse packaged range consisting of Vimto, Feel Good Drinks, Levi Roots and Sunkist brands. Finally, our frozen business contains a delicious range of drinks from classic frozen soft drinks to sophisticated frappes and ice cream shakes. All of our equipment is free on loan and, what’s more, we provide industry leading service with same day national technical support 24/7 and a system of preventative maintenance.