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Stanley (122)

Stanley offers a safe manual handling solution for those transporting vending machines. Since 1948, the company have provided powered stairclimbers to various industries, including the vending sector. The extensive range of powered stairclimbers carry loads up to 680kg, making it possible for vending machines to be easily moved up and downstairs with minimum fuss. Additionally, stairclimbers protect the workforce from injury and decrease labour costs due to their one-man operation system. The PowerMate series are the most powerful machines from the Stanley portfolio. Each model varies in weight capacity and function. The LE1 stairclimber carries loads up to 318kg and is fitted with a movable toe plate allowing the user to lift products up and down stairs and then onto surfaces. For example, this machine can transport a coffee machine up and downstairs and place onto a counter in a single motion. The M2B is another PowerMate stairclimber Stanley offers. This machine is larger in size and carries a maximum 680kg, an ideal stairclimber for the vending sector. Although the PowerMate range may differ in size and capability they all benefit from in transit charging. Stanley offers extensive training for users and ensures each stairclimber is thorough examined and loler certificated before use. These machines are cost efficient in operation and eliminate the risk of injury claims, which is a great advantage for vending companies. The Stanley ethos for the last 65 years has centred around customer service and quality products. This is reinforced by the employment of a national team of engineers and sales consultants that deliver the right solution, which is expected from a market leader.